Arkangel or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Just Try To Parent With Tech

Wrote this after I saw Black Mirror Season 3. Yes, I was inspired by the Arkangel episode. Don’t worry, there are no spoilers below. I’m a tech optimist by nature.  I know technology has made our lives infinitely better. I don’t usually prescribe to technological doomsday scenarios because I am a humanist I and  have

Idiot’s Guide To Hackathons (And Why Everyone Should Try It Once)

Last month I joined my very first hackathon. The picture below pretty much describes what happened. Who would expect that a work at home mom, a student, and a businessman would win 2nd place at the AngelHack Davao hackathon? I know most people didn’t expect us to win anything, but the very definition of a

In Defense of Books and Reading in the Age of Digital Learning

In this digital age, when kids would rather play games or use a learning app on a laptop or tablet, how can you teach them to love (or at least, appreciate) the written word. You would probably ask, do they still really NEED books? They can read from a tablet. In fact, we’re now seeing