4 Productivity Hacks for the Busy Work At Home Mom

One of the biggest challenges I came across when I became a work at home mom was tracking my productivity. I knew it was going to be harder working at home than in an office because of all the distractions, but how will I know if I’ve done enough for the day? In an office,

Heneral Luna is Flawed as F@%k

I was browsing through my social media feeds this morning and saw that there are some who criticized that the film “Heneral Luna”. They all agree that it’s a beautiful film. They’re just feel like we shouldn’t be celebrating a film shows a man who really shouldn’t be considered a hero. Heneral Luna was selfish,

The Weirdness of Working Anywhere and Everywhere

Not having an office allows me to work anywhere. I’m not complaining. It’s an awesome perk. Being a work at home mom has allowed me to work in places that allowed me to have a bit of fun too, like the beach or by the pool. But sometimes I can’t shake the feeling that because